art KARLSRUHE 21. bis 24. Februar 2019
Eine Veranstaltung der

artROOM Konstanz

Jakob-Stadler-Platz 3, 78467 Konstanz


  •   Halle 1 / S04


art KARLSRUHE 2019 Internationale Messe für Klassische Moderne und Gegenwartskunst Hallenplan (Halle 1): Stand S04


art KARLSRUHE 2019 Internationale Messe für Klassische Moderne und Gegenwartskunst Geländeplan: Halle 1


Claudia Heim

Assistant Curator

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Ausgestellte Künstler

Kategorie: Fotografie & Original-Editionen

Peintre X

Peintre X has many ideals. In the genre of art, he loves Beckmann, appreciates Damien Hirst and probably even the constructivists, he cites Marina Abramovic and uses them all in order to stand out from them himself.
His portraits are deliberately striking, interplays of light and shadow on colourfully, additively added layered surfaces. He works with hard contours, leaving no doubt of his authenticity, and conveys significant meaning by way of graphic abbreviations, accentuating the expressive eyes – doubly stressed as a super symbol – the carnivorous red lips, and the sketchily drawn high forehead.
Rich in references, rich in characterizations, close to one's self and even to our everyday experiences, at the heart of the personal in general, Peintre X offers much upon which to reflect. He examines the direct encounter, seeks reflection and, above all, to inspire self-reflection. It's no wonder that, in addition to showing in a gallery space, he's also on the street, accessible to everyone, in an independent and above all absolutely credible form of art engagee.

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Kategorie: Fotografie & Original-Editionen

Niklas, Sarah Jil

The passionate ballet dancer immortalizes her own passion for dancing in her pictures. Due to her unique artistic style, she creates beautiful contrasts of body, movement, and technique.
Sarah Jil Niklas started her own business in 2006 as a graphic designer directly after her studies at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund. From 2008 until 2011 she had a studio together with her father in the artist house ATELIER 21.
Today the graphic designer and freelance artist lives and works in Schwerte, where she opened her own studio in 2010. Over the past ten years, the Dortmund-born artist has participated in numerous exhibitions, art projects, and events.
In her art, she combines art and dance in an unusual and unique manner.

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Kategorie: Fotografie & Original-Editionen

Langmann, Uwe

Originating from the Allgäu region of Bavaria Uwe Langmann is living and creating in Berlin.
His focus in his photos is to picture structures that emerge from everyday objects and express them aesthetically in his pictures. It appeals to him above all simple motifs and abstract compositions, which he arranges to extraordinary pictures.
He derives his inspiration greatly from modern architecture and the natural beauty of landscapes.

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Kategorie: Fotografie & Original-Editionen

Danesi, Edu

Native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Edu Danesi has lived and worked in Belgium since 1996. A few years after his graduation, from the city of Brussels school of photography, the photographer converted to painting.
Predominantly Self-taught, he works with several techniques such as painting, collage, drawing, graffiti and stencil on various media such as canvas, wood, metal, on body parts or simply the walls. Edu believes "The importancy ' is that the image speaks, it passes something, an emotion ... "
He's been quoted as saying it is this mixture between the photographer's vision and work of the painter, with a touch of southern blood, giving the images a cocktail, full of colour, sensuality, poetry, provocation and positivity ... A cocktail of full emotions.

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Kategorie: Fotografie & Original-Editionen

Wolframm, Peter

Born in Poland (in formerly German territory) in 1968, Wolframm and his mother fled to Germany in 1985 to escape communism. The young artist was painting and drawing in every free minute and completed his appreniceship as graphic designer and advertising technician.
The artist himself describes his work as "Rock Art".

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Kategorie: Fotografie & Original-Editionen

Horn, Annika

At the age of 17, Annika Horn is at the beginning of her promising career. She was born in 2001 and grew up in a tiny village near Lake Constance. Her paintings mix acrylic with oil and realism with expressionism. The focus of her art is the human being and his individual parts. She examines complete appearances and individual fragments in a remarkable manner.
Annika Horn wants her artwork to disturb the viewer at first sight. "Aristotle once said, that if you carefully reproduce the ugly, it becomes pretty. Aesthetics is important. As soon as something becomes aesthetic, it's no longer just there."

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Kategorie: Fotografie & Original-Editionen

Mechernich, Andrian

The rapidly growing digitisation and resulting ubiquity of social media and their interaction on the people is a central topic in the art of Andrian Mechernich.

The Smartphone and related apps play a primary role as symbols in Andrian Mechernich's art: iMessage, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype as media of communication, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest as stages for a new generation, emoticons as masks of a virtualised society, (like) buttons, search bars as symbols and fingerprints as identities in a globalised world.

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Kategorie: ausgestellte Künstler

artROOM - Ausgestellte Künstler

Dorthe Bäumer, Joao Carvalho, Edu Danesi, Ariane Koch, Uwe Langmann, Andrian Mechernich, Sarah Jil Niklas, OBEY, Karl Orth, Mateja Petkovic, Mathias Pürthner, Elica Tabakova, Peintre X

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Über uns


Der artROOM Konstanz präsentiert zeitgenössische Kunst von nationalen und internationalen Künstlerinnen und Künstler in den Bereichen Street- und Urban Art, Photographie, Skulptur und Malerei. Des Weiteren werden auch neue Kunstformen wie Neon Installation und Mixed-Media ausgestellt.
The artROOM Konstanz focuses in showing contemporary artworks of national and international artists of Street- and Urban Art, Photography, Sculpture, and Painting. Nevertheless, the gallery doesn’t hesitate to exhibit new forms of art such as Neon Installation or the art form of Mixed-Media.

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