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Druckgrafik & Auflagenobjekte


Kategorie: Fotografie

Maike Brautmeier

Maike Brautmeier
Maike Brautmeier from Münster (1981 *) combines
her interest in visual and performing art
in the medium of photography and creates
her own theater in her colorful, sometimes elaborate
productions. Sometimes it is a drama
- sometimes a comedy, sometimes both at
the same time. She always plays visually and
mentally with clichés and contrasts. She studied
art with a focus on photography at the
AKI Enschede and spent an Erasmus semester
in Valencia, Spain. Her education as a fashion
nerd before her studies, as well as her work
as a prop master at the Stadttheater Münster
(2012 - 2014) still have an important influence
on her artistic work. In addition to her photographic
work, she also organizes and curates
exhibition projects, in which she also brings together
artists from visual and performing arts
(eg at the Reset Festival 2009 - 2014, Münster‘
s Fotofolio 2010, Fotourist 2007 at the old
freight yard and 2013 in the Stadthausgalerie,
Münster and HBF Art in public space around
the main station in Münster). The Masterschool
Documentary Film 2018 at the Film Workshop
in Münster has recently been dedicated to
the medium of film.

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Kategorie: Fotografie

Nico Klein-Allermann

Nico Klein-Allermann
For Nico Klein-Allermann (April 28, 1987), growing
up with a Filipino mother and a German
father, the search for his own identity serves
as the catalyst for the aesthetic of his photographs.
This is what lends his pictures such
an expressive nature. The exchange and understanding
between him and his subjects,
however, remains always in focus. While searching
for reality, he manages to capture the
beauty of simplicity in his subjects. His pictures
are documents that raise our awareness
as observers. Through his work I have come to
recognize how much more one can recall the
past when one doesn’t a“empt to recall it abstractly,
but rather concretely with the aid of
a picture. Nico roams, observes, and finds his
subjects. Not wanting to disturb the situation,
he becomes an invisible part of the moment
and intuitively captures it. His interest ranges
from high to low, from light to dark. His works
do not a“ach any value to subjects, but simply
depict reality. To Nico, it is not only important
to illustrate the multi-faceted breadth of
his world, but to venture beyond any facade.
With his multi-cultural biography, Nico is particularly
receptive to disruptions and desires.

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Kategorie: Druckgrafik & Auflagenobjekte

Maike Dähn

Maike Dähn
The artist Maike Dähn convinces with her
consistently conceptual work. In addition to
her main areas of sculpture and printmaking,
she uses and combines different techniques
and media, whereby these are always attuned
to the artistic ideas.
Maike Dähn creates works that deal with
conflicts and their subtle meanings in everyday
life, by addressing the relationship between
a specifically chosen topic and man
in many ways and opening artistic perspectives.
All their works have in common that they
produce very concrete, immediate references
through the material used in them and
at the same time create tensions through
abstraction in the form, which stimulate the
viewer to think and discover. It pays to look at
the details of the carefully thought-out work.
In addition to the strength of conceptual
accuracy, Maike Dähn also creates an aesthetic
language that is both appealing and
irritating. Her works create opportunities for
self-reflection and scientific discourses that
are worthwhile.

In this series of etchings, twelve theories on the mind-body problem are discussed. From Plato to René Descartes to Wolf
Singer, relevant theories of philosophy, psychoanalysis and neurobiology are artistically interpreted on this subject. Fine
lines indicate a female body and thus the body, whereas the immaterial, which is described in many theories as a soul,
is shown as a hole in the pressure plate and thus as a white area. Purple Nissl-colored brain structures show specific brain
areas that are relevant in various theories. This work is a scientific exploration of the mind-body problematic and interprets
it through formal artistic criteria to its own aesthetic readability.

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Kategorie: Contemporary Art 21

Sabine Rixen

Sabine Rixen
The dynamics of the moment
The central theme in Sabine Rixen‘s
work is movement. Dancers, actors in
the theater or simply the posture of persons
in certain situations – the triggers
can vary.
But it‘s always about capturing and
holding onto. What you really cannot
hold onto: the dynamics and energy of
one movement. The passion for this topic
had its origin in the time when she
made live sketches when performing in
different theatres. Later the dance also
became an inspiration, „lived music“ as
she calls it.
Dance is also present as a central theme
of her new work.
The fact that the works have a sketchy
character is deliberate. Nevertheless
the effect is not easily obtained with a
few strokes
Sabine Rixen has edited and revised
her works again and again. This has also
been reflected in the used materials:
she likes to paint on recycled surfaces.
Most recently she has been working on
portraits. Again, she is concerned with
the capturing of a fleeting moment, the
capture of an emotion.
She likes it when a picture rather raises a
question but does not offer an answer.
Gaby Zeimers

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Kategorie: Contemporary Art 21

Andreas Hamacher

Andreas Hamacher
Andreas Hamacher was born in 1967 in Trier
/ Germany, where he also lives and works.
The work on his lyrically abstract work serie
„HAPTIKONS“ and „DEHISCES“ begins at the
scrap yards of the region of Trier with its varied
technical possibilities. The scrap yards are a
sort of outdoor studio for the steel sculptor. In
the course of this, the tension field between
the ruggedly repelling and the clearly smooth
welcoming of the material is essential to the
sculptor. His work is animated through the dialogue
between geometry and nature and
invite the viewer to feel and explore – to understand
– the textures of the material as well
the circumscribed space within its own borders
and beyond.

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Kategorie: Contemporary Art 21

Käpten Nobbi

Käpten Nobbi
According to my motto “ don’t throw that
away I’ll sure think of something to do with it“
I often loot recycling facilities and skips or just
roam the streets to find my materials. Besides
I like to breathe new life into discarded everyday
objects, like milk cartons. As for example
each piece of wood I use does have its own
unique history, every picture and sculpture
made from it is one of a kind. The shape and
colouring of my finds are the jumping-off point
for my work. As a learned „Licht – und Reklamehersteller
„I love to create pictures that do
go beyond a purely aesthetic value and for
example also function as lamps. My art does
not always take itself seriously.

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Kategorie: Klassische Moderne

Alexander G. Zakharov

Alexander G. Zakharov
„Der russisch-deutsche Maler Alexander G. Zakharov
ist ein Ausnahmetalent“, schreibt der
Kunsthistoriker und Publizist Dr. Jörg Bockow für
das Magazin WESTFALIUM: „Seit er zu Pinsel und
Farbe gegriffen hat, um zu malen, schöpft er aus
der Tiefe seines Selbst und seiner Seele wie kaum
jemand vor ihm. Seine Gemälde sind einzigartig.
Sie scheuen keinen Vergleich wiewohl sie ohne
Beispiel und Vorbild, ohne Anlehnung und eben
ohne Vergleich sind.
Wie ein Seismograph nimmt Zakharov Spannungen
und Brüche, Sehnsüchte und Begierden,
Ängste und Zweifel wahr und bringt sie mit einer
unnachahmlichen Intensität auf die Leinwand.
Seine Bildsprache oszilliert zwischen Figurativem
und Abstraktem hin und her - ohne sich festlegen
zu können. Damit ist er ein stets zweifelnder und
heimatloser Grenzgänger zwischen Osten und
Westen, zwischen den unermesslichen Weiten
Russlands und der Betriebsamkeit West-Europas.
Der Künstler lebt abgeschieden von aller Hektik
und Geschäftigkeit und zugleich ganz auf sich
selbst zurückgeworfen. Er bezieht sich auf keine
Vorbilder, schöpft alleine aus sich selbst. Aus Stimmungen,
Gefühlen, Fantasien, Träumen, Märchen
und Archetypen kreiert er seine Bildwelten.
Er schafft sich seine eigenen Mythologien aus archaischen
Zeichen und Chiffren, Mythen und Legenden.
Sie sind für den Betrachter geheimnisvoll
und vieldeutig. Oft überraschend und rätselhaft
sogar für ihn selbst.“
Dr. Jörg Bockow

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