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Carlos Albert

Albert runs away from the easy. Carlos studies every work deeply before commencing and, when he works, time does not exist. The iron, steel and metal plates are his life and he puts so much life into his works than these, once completed, give it back to him and fill him with a greater desire to work and create.

Albert, with the foundry and the forge, using anvils, hammers, mallets, crowbars, radials and all kinds of tools imaginable, including welding torches and electric soldering, plasma cutting, etc; masters the material at hand, the iron, in such a way that, watching him work, we would say that the forms obtained are the natural and original forms of each piece, and that Carlos Albert just returned them to their origin. Such is the perfection of his work.

We present Carlos Albert to occupy an area of sculpture, as we consider his work to be of great aesthetic quality and the artist's career deserves it.

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