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Category: One-Artist-Show

Markus Magenheim

Markus Magenheim, Painter, Born 1972 in Stuttgart

Markus Magenheim studied the arts at Karlsruhe and Stuttgart. His figurative paintings are executed in “Caput Mortuum, a special watercolour with outstanding characteristics.

Markus Magenheim focuses on what's most important to show the inner status of the portrayed person: face, hands and other parts of the body. No clothes or hairdo should draw off the attention of the viewer.

- He attended the Free School of Arts in Stuttgart from 1998-2002. He studied Painting and Illustration. 

- Between 2002 and 2010 several Solo-exhibitions at Stuttgart, Pforzheim, Konstanz and Switzerland.

- In 2010 he readopted his studies at the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe. He finished his studies in 2012.

- He lives and works near Heidelberg, Southern Germany.
Latest exhibitions:
- September 2018: Einzelausstellung im Wormser Kulturzentrum / Solo Show at the Art Center Worms / Southern Germany

- Oktober 2019: ARTLAB MUNICH / Galerie Benjamin Eck

- November 2019: BBK Mannheim / Lichtmeile


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Category: Contemporary Art

Karen Shahverdyan

Karen Shahverdyan, Painter, *1969 in Odsun, Armenia

Trained in Yerevan, Armenia, the State Academy of the Arts, Tbilisi, Georgia, as well as in the restoration division of the Georgian National Museum of Art, Karen Shahverdyan moved to Darmstadt in 1999, where he has since worked as a freelance artist. Karen Shahverdyan is proficient in the styles and techniques of the old masters yet takes a modern approach in which the mastery of the trade is not at the fore but is rather a tool with which to express new content in his works. He departs from conventional painting and experiments with real visual elements such as landscapes, architecture, the sky, or people, and draws on symbols which he then combines in an unconventional manner to generate expressive images. In his one-artist show, we experience beach and sea scenes that make us dream and smile while at the same time challenge us to think about ourselves, life and the world in which we live.

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Category: Contemporary Art

Stefanie Welk

Stefanie Welk, Sculptor, *1972 in Heidelberg, Germany

Since 1992, as a freelance artist, Stefanie Welk has primarily been working with the materials steel and wire, which she transforms into a plastic shape by bending, knotting, and welding. She lives and works in Mannheim. From 1992 to 1999, she studied psychology at the University of Heidelberg. Her vested interest was in the human nature. From her causal study of the representation of people, she expanded her work by dealing with the interaction between humans and space. The artistic perspective considers both the social as well as the metaphorical space that is characterised by movement and dynamics as much as it is by force fields and power lines.
In Stefanie Welk’s works, metal is thus also the light and air-permeable medium for spiritual currents from which their characters are imbued and that also radiate due to the powerful design language. Due to their delicate nature, many of the sculptures also appeared as drawings in the space that describe both their own volume as well as the surrounding field they connect with.


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Category: Contemporary Art

Esther Miranda

Esther Miranda, Painter, *1976 in Vitoria, Spain

Convinced that words are often insufficient to adequately express thoughts and issues, Esther Miranda turned to Fine Art after graduation in philosophy. Inspired by her teacher and now husband, the Spanish painter, Jesús Miguel Rodriguez de la Torre, she has developed her own language in painting. She lives and works in Jaén (Spain). Colours provide the artist with a completely new world for the expression of being. Light is the most important element of her work, because as she puts it, “Whether hidden or revealed, it shows reality”. Esther Miranda again and again surprises her beholders with new ways of realizing philosophical topics.

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Category: Contemporary Art

Jesús Miguel Rodriguez de la Torre

Jesús Miguel Rodriguez de la Torre, Painter, *1947 in Jaén, Spain

Jesús Miguel Rodriguez de la Torre attracted a huge amount of attention for winning Spain’s national painting competition five times, after having studied drawing at University of Arts in Baeza, Jaén, and then art in Sevilla and Granada. He focuses on people, their stories, and the fascination of light, which he embeds into current affairs of life. In his paintings Rodriguez de la Torre philosophically discusses the value of art and culture in times of war, violence and escape. In doing this, he never loses sight of the essential ingredient for our lives, lightness flavoured with a touch of humour. After spending several years in Germany, the painter felt the lack of sun and warmth.  and moved back to Andalusia in 2016.


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Category: Contemporary Art

Nadine Liesse

Nadine Liesse, Painter, *1963 in Brussels, Belgique

After graduating in 1986 from the University of Applied Sciences for Graphic Design & Fine Arts in Brussels, Nadine Liesse studied from 2006 to 2009 at Helga Palmisano in Kornelimünster and now lives and works in Aachen.
"The light draws the mood" - Nadine Liesse describes her painting as an interplay of light and shadow as well as the expression of certain sensual atmospheres and moods. Color is used to express the light, which reflects emotions and states of being, warmth or coldness, passion, strength and vulnerability. The artist finds her motifs and inspirations in nature and in everyday situations in which she sensitively perceives her environment and literally captures every color of the scene. With a photography the process begins – and in the artists´ creativity her talent and skills are revealed: "Reality is sensed, and the mood felt."

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Category: Contemporary Art

Jérôme Lagarrigue

Jérôme Lagarrigue, Painter, *1973 in Paris, France

Jérôme Lagarrigue graduated in his studies of illustration in Rhode Island School of Design. Since then he has been represented at numerous international exhibitions and awarded with various prizes. Through his works he is permanently questioning. Born to a French father and an American mother he represents two cultures – both Europe and America. This balancing act between two worlds is the core and source of strength in his work. This is disclosed in his paintings in a constant confrontation with the screen and the figures who he reveals closely, relentlessly and without distance. The paintings by Jérôme Lagarrigue, who resides and works in Brooklyn, New York powerfully captivate a room’s atmosphere. His “close ups” mirror humanity and beauty, but also vulnerability. Light and shadow, focused scenes and abstracted parts being brought together become a synthesis, a total piece of art with unbelievable expression.

Lagarrigue is represented in numerous collections, such as Georges Lucas (Project in 2010 in memory of the Starwars trilogy) Blake Byrne, Swizz Beats, Alicia Keys, Peggy Cooper Cafritz, Carmelo Anthony, Peter Berg, Reginald Lewis.

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Category: Contemporary Art

Jürgen Heinz

Jürgen Heinz, Skulptor, *1969 in Bensheim, Germany

Jürgen Heinz, a metal sculptor, studied between 1989 and 1995 and trained as a Metal Designer in Germany and Switzerland. He graduated as a Master Metal Designer from the Werkakademie, Kassel in 1995 where he also gave lectures. In 1997 Jürgen Heinz, who lives in Darmstadt, set up his own artist´s studio for metal sculpture in Lorsch, Germany. Jürgen Heinz is a member of the International Association of Sculptors, Sculpture Network and a member of BBK, the German Association of artists.

With his MOVING SCULPTURES, the artist transcends the insurmountable gap between archaic, heavy steel and gentle movement. The objects conceal their mobility in a closed form, which is first perceived as static plastic. A light impulse, a touch, or a breath of wind brings the sculpture to swing and awakens its vitality. The MOVING SCULPTURES by Jürgen Heinz communicate with the viewer, touch, pull in spell and call for action.


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Category: Contemporary Art

Jonathan Huxley

Jonathan Huxley, Painter, *1965 in Surrey, England

Between 1987 and 1992, Jonathan Huxley studied at Nottingham Trent University and the Royal Academy of Arts, London, where he still lives and works. His weak vision and sensitivity to light led to him painting in the dark under fluorescent light with fluorescent colours. Here he developed his best ideas - filtered out memories in silent meditation without distraction, leading to the abstraction of human and natural events. The human being is the focus, and perceived from a bird's eye view, in his constant repetition of arbitrary gestures and movements, Huxley sends the beholder`s eyes on a journey into his minimalist composition of bizarre, seductive and graceful creatures.

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Category: Contemporary Art

Bruno Helgen

Bruno Helgen

Bruno Helgen, Sculptor, *1959 in Paris, France

Bruno Helgen followed a varied path during his artistic career. In 1995, he discovered his vocation for skulptoring through his studies at fine art school, his love for the island of Bali and the here discovered material teakwood. His vision: Designing and producing a variety of unique works of art from the burl of the teak tree. His works are requested by private collectors and commercial organizations around the world. He spends two thirds of the year in Bali, the rest in Europe and the USA.

With a wooden base, he creates globes that have become his trademark and he blends with volcanic sand, paint and metals. Bruno Helgen uses the root wood and adapts the final shape of the globe to the beauty and imperfections of the piece of wood.

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