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Bruno Bossut

After following courses at an arts and crafts school in Lyon and drawing courses at the Beaux Arts in Lyon in the 1970s, Bruno Bossut founded the SIMILI company in 1983, which produced replicas of old Volkswagen Beetles from composite material. In 2005 he started working on artistic forms for contemporary artists such as Bertrand Lavier, Etienne Bossut, Sylvie Fleury,... This know-how, recognised by artists, institutions and collectors, has enabled him to continue to create works known among others for Bertand Lavier Production Walt Disney, the Venus of Amiens at the Palais de Tokyo, the Portal of the Vincent Van Gogh Foundation in Arles, the Fountain with 107 watering cans for the MOCO in Montpellier. But Bruno Bossut is bursting with ideas and energy and does not stop creating his own pieces through moulding, painting and sculpture. His common thread, the one that animates him every day, he calls it: "sculpting painting".

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Category: Sculpture Area

Irene Lussou

Les Allégories de Lussou French sculptor (1963) - If the soul had a face, perhaps it would be that of the artist's Allegories. The ascending line is Lussou's privileged language to express the impulses that carry us, to raise what is deepest in us, what is most secret. Lussou stretches curves and bodies, plays with still movement and invents a new balance. His works captivate and capture those who look at them. The intention is deliberately focused on the expression of faces, both meditative and receptive. Hieratic, they are accessible to all peoples, all civilisations. Because of their diversity, the Allegories share a simply universal interiority. Through these characters, Lussou listens to History, like a novelist, she draws her inspiration from her experiences related to cinema, theatre and opera where she worked for many years. Each work is a novel character who tells her story, her legends...

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Gallery news




May 3, 2021

Galerie Charron is pleased to present two French artists Bruno Bossut and Irene Lussou who like to create big sculptures!

In preparation for this year's Art Karlsruhe, which unfortunately can only take place digitally in 2021, we will show a presentation of the artworks intended for the fair. This selection is included as an online exhibition on the Art Karlsruhe website from 20. to 23. May 2021. The works of the Art Karlsruhe Selection can be found by clicking below. Enjoy !

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Founded in 2007, Galerie Charron stands out in the Parisian art landscape for its strong commitment to building an artistic bridge between France and Germany, with a focus on works in the fields of contemporary painting, photography and sculpture. Galerie Charron regularly participates in international art fairs, presenting mainly German and French talents as well as some internationally renowned artists.

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