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Category: One-Artist-Show

Carl Krasberg

Carl Krasberg, born in Wattenscheid in 1946, is a German artist of Constructive-Concrete Art and was an architecture professor (subject: Fundamentals of Design with a focus on colour design) at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences until 2011. He lives and works in Bochum-Wattenscheid. The central theme of his artistic work is colour and its effects. In his works, mostly on a square or rectangular basic grid, he systematically arranges rows of colour and thus creates a spectrum of colour effects For the viewer, each picture becomes the visualisation of a chromatic strictly geometric construction. The artist explains his concept as follows: On top of the basic grid, the colours are arranged into rows of steps resulting from the systematics of the colours - from colour to colour or from colour to non-colour - and used in such a way that a grid unit always remains free between the individual colour steps. In the resulting spaces, identical or different colour rows are filled in - usually offset, shifted or rotated against each other - in such a way that identical colour quanta of each colour are created.
The geometric score and a formal purism, always with colour as the fundamental design element, characterise Carl Krasberg's works.

In Italy, he is exclusively represented by the Boesso Art Gallery.

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Category: Contemporary Art

Alexis Cladiere

Alexis Cladiere, born in 1976 in Bagnolet (F), lives and works near Paris. After finishing high school, he attends preparatory classes to study engineering and obtains a Master's degree in Pure Mathematics. His father, an engineer and architecture enthusiast, instilled in him a love of art. In his works, Cladiere mixes architecture and mathematics, computer science and technology. The artist tries to make the unintentional aesthetics of recycled elements evident by extracting them from their functional and utilitarian context to create an art object. He works with different materials, using digital means, but above all the tools of Japanese wood art. He creates sculptures, paintings, drawings, installations, 3D prints with digital milling, always searching for new materials and new techniques of realisation. In his sculptures he combines aluminium elements, cement, wood, with the intention of imprinting an urban and architectural character on each of his works, regardless of the dimensions of the work. His works on paper also mark his quest for rigour and essentiality through clean lines, spatial fields filled with cement powder or contrasts of different materials. Using the pseudonym 36RECYCLAB, the artist is very well known in the urban scene for realising large collages in major cities such as Paris, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Milan, Tokyo, Shanghai, etc. Cladier, however, wants to keep these two realities of his work and activity strictly separate, hence the decision to use a pseudonym when he moves in the urban art scene. Instead, he keeps his name for the works he realises outside this context. Cladiere has exhibited in Paris, Berlin, Denver and Bilbao. In Italy, the artist is exclusively represented by the Boesso Art Gallery.

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Category: Contemporary Art

Ruth Gamper

Born in Spera (Tn), raised between Austria and Italy, Ruth Gamper lives and works in Bolzano. Her passion for art became the focus of her activity 25 years ago. She acquired the basic technical knowledge by attending drawing and watercolour courses, at the same time visiting important museums and art galleries, going on study trips and meeting artists.
In her search for a personal stylistic cipher, Ruth Gamper landed on the art form known as recycled art. This was already at a time when the themes of reuse. Waste separation and environmental awareness were not yet so topical. Used materials and objects that are carriers of a lived past fascinate the artist; she collects waste material and frees it from its original forms. Despite its apparent decay, every material holds an infinite potential for transformation. With her actions, she wants to reverse the principle of our consumer society that used things are only waste and rubbish, by transforming alleged waste into aesthetic content.
Since 1992 personal exhibitions in Bolzano, Trento, Bologna, Labro, Innsbruck, Berlin, etc. and participation in a large number of group exhibitions. Since 1996 she has been a member of the South Tyrolean Artists' Association. Exclusively represented by the Boesso Art Gallery, she participates in important art fairs (Karlsruhe, Cologne, Hamburg, London, Paris, etc.).

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Category: Contemporary Art

Maxime Lutun

French artist Maxime Lutun, born in 1976, decides to give up his profession in 2010 and embark on a new path. Following his artistic impulse, he devotes himself exclusively to creating works of art in his estate near Nantes in Brittany. Matter and light are the two elements that fascinate the artist and he only works with two materials: Cor-Ten steel and aluminium (preferably painted white). Matter must surrender completely to light, the artist explains, and the geometry of his works - Totem and Cloud - testify to how much abstract art, especially cubism, inspires him. Lutun has participated in numerous exhibitions and art fairs, such as PAD Paris or BRAFA in Brussels. Since 2019, he has been working with Boesso Art Gallery, exclusively for Italy, which showed his works at Art Elysee in 2019 and will exhibit him for the first time in Germany with a One artist show at art Karlsruhe 2020.

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Category: Contemporary Art

Vincenzo Marsiglia

Vincenzo Marsiglia, born in 1972 in Belvedere Marittimo (Cosenza), lives and works in Soncino (Cremona). After graduating from the art school in Imperia, he completed a doctorate in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera. In his works, Marsiglia develops a four-pointed star, which becomes a distinguishing mark, a "logo", and is applied in combination with fabric, felt and ceramics. A minimalism, original and marked by formal purity, balance of volumes and chromatic suggestion. In his last works, the artist turns to new technologies and combines them with the previous stylistic cipher. He no longer hands over a finished work to the viewer, but the viewer is encouraged to enter into dialogue with the work and thus becomes part of the work himself. In his video installations and interactive works, he uses the new means of communication that accompany us in everyday life, creating a unique contemporary art and interaction with the audience.

After his first collective exhibitions in 1995, a large number of solo exhibitions in private art galleries and public institutions followed. In 2010 he wins the "Premio Limen" in Vibo Valentia. In 2011 he participates in the 54th Venice Art Biennale at the Padiglione Italia, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi. He is represented at the important art fairs by Boesso Art Gallery in Karlsruhe, Cologne, Paris and London. Works by Marsiglia can be seen at the Museum of Modern Art in Maglione (Turin), Calice Ligure (Savona), MAON Museum in Rende (Cosenza), VAF Collection at MART in Rovereto and FIU Frost Art Museum in Miami.

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Category: Contemporary Art

Otto Scherer

Otto Scherer, born in 1955 in Transylvania, completed his artistic training in Kronstadt from 1976 to 1983 (graphics, painting and sculpture). He was able to leave Romania shortly before the fall of communism. Since 1991, the artist has lived in Pürgen, where he founded the gallery "Kunstraum Stoffen" in 2015.
Scherer creates sculptures and relief-like wall objects made of ceramics, which are characterised by the flawless nature of their surfaces. The artist coats his works with glazes of wax, clay minerals, platinum or other high-quality precious metals. Matt or shiny, the surface finish reflects the immediate surroundings of the work. Depending on the lighting conditions and the positioning of the artworks, they interact differently with the surrounding space and light reflections or distorted reflections are formed on the surface. Optical effects result from the uneven, concave or convex surface, and depending on the angle of view, the work appears differently. Illusions and manipulations of perception captivate the viewer, and technical perfection and essential forms contribute to the fact that his works combine op art and minimalism. Scherer understands art as abstraction, his works do not want to be images of meaning, but simply objects that fascinate the viewer. Otto Scherer has been working with the Boesso Art Gallery since 2020.

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Category: Contemporary Art

Oliver Thiele

Oliver Thiele (born 1963 in Stuttgart), studied electrical engineering and media design, worked in film and television for 25 years. Nominated as Newcomer of the Year at the High End in Munich in 2016 with Take ONE (audio design). Thiele is involved in design, art, photography and multimedia design. His enthusiasm for the natural sciences and the accompanying understanding of physical and chemical processes, coupled with an affinity for art and design that has been pronounced since his early youth, are the basis of his creative work and his form of artistic expression. The curiosity to always circle around a new topic and to deal with it on all levels without losing sight of his own realistic assessment of the feasibility of the project is the starting point for many of his creative approaches. His guiding principle." The extraordinary does not always remain merely conceivable". The artist lives in Diessen am Ammersee. In Italy, Oliver Thiele is exclusively represented by the Boesso Art Gallery

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The Boesso Art Gallery was opened in October 2010 in Quireinerstrasse in Bolzano. The first exhibition "Incipit" was dedicated to Victor Vasarely and showed works from the first creative periods of the famous Op-Art artist. In May 2012, the gallery moved to Meister-der-Arbeit-Strasse in Bolzano.

The aim of the gallery is to show works by historical artists of geometric abstract art of the post-war period, but also to promote young artists in this field. This continues to characterise the thematic line of the gallery, but at the same time it also promotes new original art forms.

The gallery concentrates its work mainly abroad with participation in international art fairs and contacts with new galleries with the intention of making the works of contemporary Italian artists who collaborate with the gallery thus known beyond national borders.

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