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Elisa Grezzani

Elisa Grezzani was born in 1986 in Bressanone, Italy. She studied painting at the Academy of Art in Urbino, Italy (Marche, 2007–2011). Between 2012 and 2017 she coordinated the educational projects at the Museion in Bolzano and worked as assistant to the artist Robert Pan. As a basis for her work she uses wood and paper.

Elisa usually acts simultaneously on fifteen or twenty works. This procedure gives her the possibility to maintain a certain psychic distance from the works. By superimposing layers of resin and flowing colors, a depth is created that reinforces the intention to create works that can be read on different levels. Working in parallel with several works makes it possible to put aesthetics in the foreground: the goal she aspires to, is to bring form and colour in tune, to achieve harmony and balance that becomes perceptible to the viewer and where the sense of beauty plays an important role. Confronting this complex theme shows that the boundary between beauty and ugliness, between harmony and dissonance can be very blurred and it is in this grey area that she feels at ease. The same is true for concepts such as abstraction or concretion: how much can shapes or colours be in contrast with each other, holding each other side by side or even strengthening each other? How long can you mix planes and layers before they are no longer readable as something figurative?

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