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Antonella Cattani contemporary art

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Antonella Cattani

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Art After 1945

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Contemporary Art

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The profile of the gallery, opened by Antonella Cattani in 1991, is characterized by an exhibition program that aims at showing contemporary personalities who have succeeded in emerging from the art scene because of the outcome of their research into different practises that go from painting to sculpture, right through to the new media. In an alternation between shows of established artistic positions - among whom Angela Glajcar, Giuseppe Spagnulo, Claude Viallat, Marco Gastini, Gianni Dessì, Giovanni Frangi and Marco Tirelli can be quoted - projects of new generation artists are to be found, like the ones by Julia Bornefeld, Antonella Zazzera, Emanuela Fiorelli, Paolo Radi and Dana Widawski.
In order to guarantee a historical continuity to the distinct eras, various shows are dedicated to historicized artists. Several protagonists of the Italian art after 1950 have been exhibited in this way over the years, including: Fortunato Depero, Afro, Antonio Sanfilippo, Pietro Consagra, Gastone Novelli and Achille Perilli.

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