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Art Market Budapest returns to art KARLSRUHE with a special surprise, presenting a sculpture by the celebrated Gábor M. Szőke

After some challenging times for art fairs, Art Market Budapest, Central and Eastern Europe’s leading international contemporary art fair celebrates its return to art KARLSRUHE with a spectacular project highlighting the popular sculptor Gábor M. Szőke, to draw attention to the exemplary cooperation between the two artistic platforms.

With the passing of the COVID years and the pandemic now under control, 2022 is the year when the time has come to reunite and take a fresh perspective: the art industry shall return to the audience looking stronger than ever before. And strength is fueled by such exemplary industry collaborations as the one between one of Germany’s largest art fairs art KARLSRUHE and Central and Eastern Europe’s leading Art Market Budapest.

art KARLSRUHE was first promoted in Budapest in 2014, and already in 2015 art KARLSRUHE initiated and welcomed an amazing show titled Photo Art Budapest, featuring an outstanding artistic lineup from the country of Robert Capa and André Kertész, realized in cooperation with Art Market Budapest. The friendship between the two art fairs, soon approaching a decade, sets a good example for other industry representatives to join forces for the benefit of not just the two sides, but ultimately, the audience.

Art Market Budapest will host its upcoming edition through October 6-9 with over 100 exhibitors arriving from more than 30 countries. But before the art world takes a Summer break, Art Market Budapest celebrates their return to art KARLSRUHE with a special surprise, a spectacular presentation highlighting the art of Gábor M. Szőke, introducing a signature work of the internationally recognized Budapest-based sculptor and designer to the German audience.

Gábor M. Szőke is one of the most popular and internationally appreciated contemporary artists originating from Central and Eastern Europe. His work is best known for his large public sculptures easily recognized by his expressive “lath-style” and their enormous size. Szőke’s public art predominantly portraying animals reshapes and enriches architectural environments around the globe. He holds the record for the biggest equine statue in Europe and the largest avian sculpture in the world. His best known work is the Atlanta Falcon, designed for the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

At art KARLSRUHE 2022, we are pleased to present Gábor M. Szőke’s Flying Puli, a sculpture shaping Hungary’s most popular breed of dogs, a larger version of which was first presented in Washington, DC.

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