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Category: ContemporaryArt21

Anna Nezhnaya

Anna Nezhnaya (*1987) lives and works in Berlin since 2016. With her background as a trained graphical artist from the Moscow State University for Printing Arts and Graphics, Anna explores traditional images in contemporary settings. For Anna, digital drawing is the perfect connection to light art, serving as studies for her neon sculptures. Light plays a major role in her works as she is developing experimental ways to create surface structure with new painting techniques. She reflects on the topic of grotesque feminism, exploring images of femaleness in terms of mysticism and metaphor.

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Category: ContemporaryArt21

Aron Barath

Aron Barath (Novi Sad, former Yugoslavia, *1980) is a Hungarian painter living and working in Budapest, Hungary. Barath is best known for his abstract paintings, marked by colour and the seductive qualities of paint as a substance. Art historian and art critic Rona Kopeczky describes the artist as a chromatogologue and a chroma-tophone, handing over his place in a noble manner to the colour. The colour dictates the gesture of the artist, freeing itself from contemporary visual culture or communicational trends. What is left is pure, genuine and truthful. Light, substance and colour.
Aron Barath has had group and solo shows predominately in his home country Hungary. However, the past three years his work has been noticed and lauded internationally, resulting in exhibitions in Warsaw, Poland; Miami, the United States of America; Vienna, Austria and now also in Kortrijk, Belgium.

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Category: ContemporaryArt21

Beatriz Morales

Born and raised in Mexico City, Beatriz Morales (*1981) developed her skills auto-didactically from an early age. The artist left her native country Mexico in 2001 to pursue formal studies in painting, pottery and fashion design. Beatriz combines an investigative, abstract-expressionist approach with figurative and illustrative components. Her practice encompasses painting, textile installations, and video.
Following a series of international exhibitions, interest in her work has grown continuously and steeply over the past years. Her work has been shown at Museo de la Cancillería Mexico City, Museo MACAY Mérida, Museo Rufino Tamayo Mexico City, Kunsthalle Dessau, Drexel Galería, Heart Ego Gallery and Circle Culture Gallery Berlin, among others. Her paintings and installations are held in private collections in Mexico, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Canada, and the USA as well as featured in numerous print and online publications such as Morales` first major monography Color Archaeology published 2022 (by Kerber Verlag). Beatriz Morales lives and works in Berlin and Hidalgo, Mexico.

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Category: ContemporaryArt21

Caroline Denervaud

Swiss visual and performance artist Caroline Denervaud (*1978) currently lives in Paris, where she creates abstract and expressive works through painting, film and photographic stills. Caroline’s performance-based art reflects her studies in dance at the Laban Center in London and Fine Arts in Paris at Studio Bercot. Mimicking the natural curves and motions of her body, Caroline describes her work as a play of connection, conversations and feeling. Caroline’s work is also concerned with how colours meet and interact, guided by instinct emotion, music and interplay between balance and imbalance. Her explorative works has led her to esteemed collaborations with fashion house Roksanada in London Fashion Week, Hotel Les Roches Rouge, the rose-coloured Roksanda Penthouse and most recently Chloé.

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