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Andreas Blank

Andreas Blank (born 1976 in Ansbach) studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe under Prof. Klingelhöller and completed his Master's degree at the Royal College of Art in London. He was a scholarship holder of the German National Academic Foundation and after his studies he received the Land Securities Award, became a finalist of the New Sensation Award of the Saatchi Gallery
and was honored with the Conran Award in London.
The artist combines abstract and representational as well as conceptual practices in his sculptures. 
He searches for rare stones in various parts of the world, processes them in elaborate work processes and assembles them sometimes into stylized, sometimes into deceptively real-looking everyday objects.
His sculptures show soldiers' boots in a cardboard box or a leather briefcase with a spotless white suit shirt. Astonishingly realistic, but all made of stone: marble, alabaster, basalt, serpentinite or limestone. His sculptural work thrives on the art of subliminal deception and subtle irritation. The cool surface contrasts with the expected sensory impression, the immaculate, understated aesthetics counteract the theme of the object. Monument-like, every trace of the human is erased from these works. With his conceptually conceived figurative works, he sublimely shakes up our ingrained patterns of perception and thus of thought.

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For two decades, The Art Affair has showcased contemporary artists whose works explore recognizable motifs and ideas through various mediums such as painting, sculpture, installation, and drawing. The gallery has attracted internationally renowned figures like Markus Lüpertz, David Černý, and the iconic US pop artist James Francis Gill to Regensburg. Alongside these luminaries, nationally acclaimed artists like Willi Siber and Ralf Koenemann, as well as emerging talents such as Anna Bocek and Benjamin Burkhard, have been featured regularly. Our gallery's guiding principle is to present unique expressions from the rich tapestry of contemporary art, while also situating regional trends within a broader international context.

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