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Benjamin Burkard

Benjamin Burkard's painting is a colorful interplay of several temporal levels in one picture, which find a balance through figuration and abstraction on the background of often golden, copper or silver nuances.
His painting is narrative and is inspired by the simultaneity of history, which is experiencing a renaissance in its own narrative through the digitalization of social media.

In 2022, Benjamin Burkard began to integrate a form of pixel art into his complex, painterly compositions for the first time. These constructed square color fields not only seem inspired by the early 8 - 16 bit pixel graphics, which experienced a rapid upswing from the 1990s onwards, but also seamlessly connect to the pointillism of the 1920s in terms of painting, and develop an interesting antagonistic component to Burkard's classical painting. For while free painting appears as unrestrained and open as possible in its strokes, PixelArt is a concentrated play with limited surface (storage space) and poses an open question, as it were, about the veracity of the figurative and the colorful in his paintings.

The pixel art translated from the digital into the analog confuses the viewer's reading of Burkard's narrative paintings: For the artist does not hide the fact that the center of a gaze can be a simulation of a game, thus opening up the discussion to the veracity or digital existence of what surrounds it. What is a game and what only pretends to be a game?
Analog and digital exist in Burkard's universe parallel to the point of coexistence and add an exciting, further element to Burkard's masterful painting.

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Aniko Boda

Aniko Boda is not only an award-winning artist, but also a doctor. The artist has an excellent command of the trompe-l'œil technique and creates a texture in her oil paintings that resembles a Florentine fresco.
The artist Anikó Boda was born in Szeged, Hungary, in 1973. After graduating in medicine from the Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical University (1998), she began her artistic career at the Art Students' League in New York, USA.  In 2021 after the international portrait painting contest of the MEAM, she was chosen one of the best 400 portrait painters. In 2023 she was finalist in the New York-based16. International Art Renewal Center Salon Competition and her work was featured in the renowned American magazine ’Fine Art Connoisseaur’. She is also the winner of the 2023 Visual Artists Association Great Britain (VAA) International Exhibition and Scholarship Prize.

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Alex Bär

Alex Bär was born in Zurich in 1967. After a formative year in design in his hometown, he pursued painting studies at the School of Design in Basel under the tutelage of W. Mutzenbecher from 1996 to 1997. Subsequently, Bär continued his artistic education at the Academy of Visual Arts (HGB) in Leipzig. Under the mentorship of both Neo Rauch and Arno Rink, he honed his skills until 2002. Since then, he has been operating as an independent artist. Following his time in Leipzig, Bär furthered his studies in the nearby city of Halle, completing postgraduate studies as a master student under professors O. Möhrwald, Th. Rug, and U. Klieber at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design.
Since 2012, Alex Bär has established his residence and artistic practice in Zurich and Mannheim/Ludwigshafen. His body of work encompasses a wide range of subjects found in art history, including still lifes, landscapes, and nudes. Within his repertoire, one finds a juxtaposition of threatening, unsettling scenes with fairytale-like, idyllic worlds, showcasing the breadth of his artistic vision.

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Ralf Koenemann

Ralf Koenemann, originally from Essen, is renowned for his large-scale paintings and distinctive drip-drop technique, which imbues his creations with textured depth. Utilizing a mixed media approach, Koenemann seamlessly integrates materials such as oil, varnish, turpentine, and tar, allowing them to flow freely across the canvas and imbue his motifs with dynamic energy. While the artist has carved a niche for himself with his captivating animal themes, he also delves into alternative subjects such as nature and humanity.

Koenemann's animal portrayals possess a monumental quality that truly comes to life when viewed from a distance. His expansive canvases command attention, serving as captivating focal points. His smaller works exhibit a camera-like intimacy, enveloping the viewer in the emotional essence of the depicted creatures.

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Antal Turcsányi

Antal Turcsányi studied during 1960-1962 at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts under János Kmetty. From 1958 to 1969, he trained at the István Ferenczy Artists' Circle with Lajos Luzsicza.

Over the years, Turcsányi Antal has received several awards recognizing his artistic contributions:

- 1999: Award of the Hungarian Painters' Society
- 1999: "Melancholy" received the Award of the Ministry of National Cultural Heritage
- 2001: "Sziget Szüret" won the Patak Gallery's Main Prize for Painting
- 2005: Award of the István Farkas Foundation at the 4th Szekszárd Triennial of Painting

He is affiliated with esteemed associations like the National Association of Hungarian Artists, the Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists, and the Society of Hungarian Painters. Despite these affiliations, he maintains an independent artistic approach, distancing himself from group influences.

Turcsányi Antal's art is characterized by intricate, organic forms, exploring fundamental existential questions through associative content inspired by mythological figures and events.

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